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Episode:5. Mahabharata Part 1

Episode:5. Mahabharata Part 1
The Discovery of India, Bharat ek Khoj (भारत एक खोज)بھارت ایک کھوج
Director: Shyam Benegal
Based on the book by: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

The Mahabharata, one of the epics written in India, has not been dated till now, but then the development of Mahabharata is a process that took considerable time. As is true in the case of any epic, Mahabharata too is a poem epic and was originally in the oral form and was passed from one generation to another through ages. During this transfer from one generation to another, the epic was many times molded and remolded. On many occasion new elements were added. The written form of the epic came in to existence much later.

Great as the Ramayana is as an epic poem and loved by the people, it is really the Mahabharata that is one of the outstanding books of the world. It is a colossal work, an encyclopedia of tradition and legend and political and social institutions of ancient India. For a decade or more a host of competent scholars have been engaged in critically examining the collecting the various available texts with a view to publish an authorized edition. Mahabharata is an epic which takes into account a vast time span and probably this was the period when foreign elements were coming into India and bring their elements and customs with them. For example polyandry was not observed in Aryans but Mahabharata has a protagonist married to five husbands. Gradually, as is evident for the example, the Vedic religion was being modified accordingly. It was beginning to take that all-inclusive form which led to modern Hinduism.

Another element on which Mahabharata emphasizes is the unity of unity of India and was expanded up to Afghanistan (an assumption) as the name of a city from Mahabharata, Gandhara, resembles with the name of the modern Kandahar in Afghanistan. Another thing is that the Aryans were limited to northern India up to the Vindhya mountain ranges as there progress to the south was stopped by these mountain ranges.

The Mahabharata contains the Krishna legends and the famous poem, the Bhagvad Gita. Apart from the Philosophy of the Gita, it lays stress on the ethical and moral principles in statecraft and in life generally. Without the foundation of Dharma there is no true happiness and society cannot hold together. Mahabharata stresses on non-violence and Dharma. To stress on these elements the war between Pandavas and Kauravas has been chosen as a medium as in the war the Pandavas have to kill their near and dear ones for the sake of Dharma.

Apart for its value as an epic the Mahabharata is so deeply rooted in the people in India that it is a prominent part of Indian psyche. People for all walks of life have been quoting from Mahabharata to explain and understand real life situations. It is not very difficult to ascertain the impact of Mahabharata on Indian people from the fact that B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharata is still broadcasted from some or the other channel in-spite of the fact that it has been telecasted on many channels for some time now.

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