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Introduction: The Discovery of India, Bharat ek Khoj

The Discovery of India, Bharat ek Khoj (भारत एक खोज)بھارت ایک کھوج

Year: 1988

Telesacted: Doordarshan

Director: Shyam Benegal

Based on the book by: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Starcast: Roshan Seth as Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
Tom Alter,Sadashiv Amrapurkar,Salim Ghouse, Neena Gupta, Ashok Kumar, Om Puri, Chandrakant Thakkar etc..

Below are the starting and end track, for each episode click on the coresponding episode


नासदासीन नो सदासीत तदानीं नासीद रजो नो वयोमापरो यत |
किमावरीवः कुह कस्य शर्मन्नम्भः किमासीद गहनं गभीरम ||

सृष्टि से पहले सत नहीं था
असत भी नहीं, अंतरिक्ष भी नहीं, आकाश भी नहीं था
छिपा था क्या, कहाँ किसने ढका था
उस पल तो अगम अतल जल भी कहां था |

सृष्टि का कौन है कर्ता? कर्ता है या है विकर्ता?
ऊँचे आकाश में रहता, सदा अध्यक्ष बना रहता
वही सचमुच में जानता, या नहीं भी जानता
है किसी को नही पता, नही पता
नही है पता...
नही है पता...

Shrishti se pehle sat nahin tha,
Asat bhi nahin; Antariksh bhi nahin, Aakash bhi nahin thaa
Chhipa thaa kya, kahaan kisne dhakaa thaa,
Us pal to agam atal jal bhi kahaan thaa.

Shrishti kaa kaun hai karta,Kartaa hai vaaha karta,
Unche aakash mein rehta, Sadaa adhyaksh banaa rehta,
Wohi sach much mein jaanta, Yaa nahin bhi jaanta,
Hai kisi ko nahin pataa, nahin pataa
Nahin hai pataa….
Nahin hai pataa….

END Track

वो था हिरण्य गर्भ सृष्टि से पहले विद्यमान, वही तो सारे भूत जाति का स्वामी महान
जो है अस्तित्वमान धरती आसमान धारण कर,
ऐसे किस देवता की उपासना करें हम हवि देकर

जिस के बल पर तेजोमय है अंबर, पृथ्वी हरी भरी स्थापित स्थिर
स्वर्ग और सूरज भी स्थिर,ऐसे किस देवता की उपासना करें हम हवि देकर

गर्भ में अपने अग्नि धारण कर पैदा कर,व्यापा था जल इधर उधर नीचे ऊपर
जगा चुके व एकमेव प्राण बनकर,ऐसे किस देवता की उपासना करें हम हवि देकर

ऊँ!सृष्टि निर्माता,स्वर्ग रचयिता पूर्वज रक्षा कर,
सत्य धर्म पालक अतुल जल नियामक रक्षा कर

फैली हैं दिशायें बाहु जैसी उसकी सब में सब पर,
ऐसे ही देवता की उपासना करें हम हवि देकर

ऐसे ही देवता की उपासना करें हम हवि देकर

Voh tha hiranya garbh shrishti se pehle vidyamaan,
Vohi to saare bhoot jaat ka swami mahaan,
Jo hai astitva maan dharti aasmaan dharan kar,
Aise kis devta ki upasana karen hum havi dekar.

Jis ke bal par tejomay hai ambar,
Prithvi hari bhari sthapit sthir,
Swarg aur sooraj bhi sthir,
Aise kis devta ki upasana karen hum havi dekar.

Garbh mein apne agni dhaaran kar paida kar,
Vyapa tha jal idhar udhar neeche upar,
Jagaa chuke voh kaekameva praan bankar,
Aise kis devta ki upasana karen hum havi dekar.

Om! Shrishti nirmata swarg rachaiyta purvaj raksha kar,
Satya dharma palak atul jal niyamak raksha kar,
Phaili hain dishayen baahu jaisi uski sab mein sab par,
Aise hi devta ki upasana karen hum havi dekar.
Aise hi devta ki upasana karen hum havi dekar.

Thanks for watching

The Discovery of India: An Introduction to the book
‘The Discovery of India’, a landmark canonical work by Pd. Jawaharlal Nehru, was written by him in a time span of five months of the year 1944 while he was serving an imprisonment term at the Ahmadnagar Fort Prison where he was co- prisoner of many other political prisoners from 9th august 1942 to 28th march 1945. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Gobind Ballabh Pant, Narendra Deva and M. Asif Ali are among those whom Nehru gives a credit in the book for their help.

The first edition of the book came out in the year 1946 from Calcutta and since 1981 Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial fund has released 19 editions of this book till 1999. By now, I am sure, the 25th edition must be out. Don’t these figures speak for themselves and depict the mantle and the importance of this mammoth size work of great literary merit.

This book has been a challenge for Nehru and Indira Gandhi as well who was a teen aged girl at that time and had to shoulder the burden of reading the typescript and editing it before getting it published and one must praise the efforts put by her as there minor or no flaws in her job.

As Nehru says, this book is more or less the same as it he had written in jail, except for the postscript which was added later. He felt that though much has happened since had written the book, but he was inclined to present to the world the original work.

The book is divided in ten chapters which take in account, Nehru’s contemporary India and World, the ancient, medieval and the modern India, the ragging World War, the arrival of the British on the Indian-Subcontinent, the consolidation of the British grip over India, the upsurge of Nationalism and the Indian Freedom Movement. These ten chapters are further divided in sub-chapters and they give a detailed view of almost every age and time of India. Right from the Indus-Valley civilization to the Modern India which is witnessing the greatest turmoil of its history, namely the Freedom Movement, this book has every thing in it. In approximately 550 pages, Nehru has summed up the Indian History, which calls for a great amount of mental caliber.

In his letter, this was said by Albert Einstein from Princeton, New Jersey, in the winters of 1950, ‘I have read with extreme interest your marvelous book ‘The Discovery of India’. The first half of it is not easy reading for a Westerner, but it gives a understanding of the glorious intellectual and spiritual tradition of your country’.

This introduction part is written by Mr. Sumandra Singh, a graduate student from University of Delhi, India.


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